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By Appt only

By Appt Only

By Appt Only

By Appt Only

By Appt Only

Functional Medicine appointments available via Telemedicine or in-person.

Call or text to schedule an appointment

Chiropractic Care & Functional Medicine for the Whole Family

Latest Clinic News:


We are so happy to be able to partner and serve our community. Thanks to our wonderful patients, we are booking out about a week in advance for appointments (unless there is an urgent matter). Please book your appointments in advance if possible to ensure you have a spot. If you have a preferred day or time that you would like to reserve, we are happy to schedule you out several visits in advance. If we notice that people are having a hard time keeping their appointments with advance scheduled appointments, we will go back to booking out only one appointment slot in advance. We appreciate your consideration in giving us advance notice, when possible, with reschedules and cancels so that we may accommodate as many patients as possible.

Our Services:
  • Functional Medicine

  • Animal Adjustments 

  • Maternity - Webster Certified

  • Pediatrics

  • Wellness 

  • Nutrition/Detox/Weight Loss

  • Neck/Back/Headaches/TMJ

  • Muscle Taping

  • And Much More!

Health Tip of the Day:

Choosing grass fed, organic, pasture raised meats and eggs provide more nutrients and help you avoid added hormones, steroids, antibiotics, and GMO's, and pesticides.

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